Tikokino Gundogs


G'day, and welcome to our little home on the 'net

Tikokino Gundogs is based in Oxfordshire in the UK. We're a new startup kennel, so new that we're still waiting to find the perfect bitch puppy to join us and become our foundation bitch. Until she arrives, we're a "dogs only" kennel of black & fox red (yellow) labradors.

Our dogs are first and foremost family pets and they live with us in the house year-round, and can usually be found sprawled across a sofa or a bed snoring their heads off!

The name "Tikokino" is Maori for "place of fertility", and it is also the name of the village in New Zealand where my mother and I hail from. I thought it was the perfect name for our kennel  - it holds special meaning as it has a foot in my ancestral past and another in my future dreams of breeding my own working line.

Until we have found her, we're concentrating on our current dogs, Ozzie and Vegas. During the shooting season, both dogs work on two shoots for a total of around 24 days. It's hard work but they both love it and I adore seeing them both working at the job labradors were traditionally bred for, the job that I have put so many training hours into with them both.

Vegas is health tested and is available at stud to approved bitches, more information on his page